[Framer-X] Prototyping with External Data

3 easy ways to design a prototype with external data

Sometime we should make a prototype with real data or with external data in order to communicate or apply some changes. From my experience, I would like to summary 3 ways to use external data in Framer-X.

JSON files

If you want to just use internal data but large data, Data Stack is a good solution. Once you create a JSON file with much data, you can easily apply them to Framer screens.


Airtable is one of the server solutions to provide API connecting with Framer-X. You can easily connect some data made on Airtable to Framer-X screens. And also changes can apply to multiple devices in realtime.


I prefer this Firebase because of scalability and compatibility with other production applications. Once you set up this method, you can collaborate with production solutions that are using Firebase data.



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